Executive Team

Mr. Stephen Levy
(305) 421-9706
Mr. Syd Mogg
Vice President
(305) 421-9707
Ms. Helen Duhaney-Bryce
Vice President - Accounting
(305) 421-9708
Mr. Daniel Lipe
Vice President - Finance
(305) 421-9709
Mr. Jeff Pierce
Vice President - Strategic Planning
(501) 767-4949
Mr. Sergio Paredes
Vice President of I.T US Operations
(305) 421-9724
Mrs. Maria Miranda
Vice President - Sales & Marketing, Egg Division
(305) 421-9717

Executive Support

Mrs. Ibett Remedios
Executive Assistant
(305) 421-9712

Trading Team

Mr. Pedro Powell
General Manager of Operations
(305) 421-9704
Ms. Shadya Duenas
Sales Manager
(305) 421-9732
Mr. Charles Condell
Regional Manager - Caribbean
(305) 421-9705
Ms. Carole Stubbs
Group Account Representative
(305) 421-9718
Coming Soon
Ms. Ana Andino Dubón
Technical Sales Representative
Coming Soon
Mr. Isaac Mair
Sales Coordinator
Coming Soon
Mr. Jack Brock
Caribbean Sales Manager

Egg Sales Team

Ms. Jennifer Rivera
Egg Sales Supervisor
(305) 421-9722
Ms. Jessica Montesino
Egg Sales Coordinator
(305) 421-9729
Coming Soon
Mr. Armando Marsal
Egg Sales Coordinator
Coming Soon
Mrs. Susy Barbeite
Egg Logistics Administrator
Coming Soon
Mrs. Fern Smith
Canadian Export Coordinator
Coming Soon
Mrs. Renee Crowell
Canadian Export Coordinator

Administrative Support

Mr. Dane Boorman
Human Resources Manager
(305) 421-9702
Ms. Trudy Vaz
Human Resources Supervisor
(305) 421-9729
Mr. Marc Crooks
I.T Supervisor
(305) 421-9720
Coming Soon
Ms. Katrina Johnson
Office Administrator
(305) 421-9700
Coming Soon
Ms. Kathryn Chin
Marketing Coordinator

Accounting Team

Mrs. Shaune Clarke
Financial Controller US Operations
(305) 421-9723
Ms. Daphnee Jean-Baptiste
Senior Accounting Manager
(305) 421-9716
Ms. Maydolis Perez
Senior AR & General Accountant
(305) 421-9735
Ms. Natalia Correa
Senior AP Accountant
(305) 421-9731
Mr. Carlos Heins
Senior Inventory Accountant
(305) 887-4000
Coming Soon
Ms. Stephanie Valenzuela
Accounts Payable Clerk
Coming Soon
Ms. Priscilla Lopez
Accounting Clerk

Shipping & Warehousing

Mr. Jon Hanna
Logistics & Warehouse Manager
(305) 421-9711
Mrs. Claudette Campbell-Bryan
Shipping Manager
(305) 421-9703
Coming Soon
Mr. Timothy Williams
Sales & Development Manager
Coming Soon
Ms. Lazara Mercedes Gomez
Logistics Clerk
Coming Soon
Mrs. Orett Virgo
Shipping Coordinator
Mr. Orlando Lemme
Warehouse Assistant
(305) 421-9714
Coming Soon
Mr. Matthew Figueroa
Warehouse Assistant
Coming Soon
Mr. Carlos Alvear
Reconciliation Clerk