Jamaica Broilers Group Acquires Gentry's Poultry Company Inc.

It is with much appreciation that we announce we have further expanded our US Operations with the acquisition of a processing plant, Gentry’s Poultry, in South Carolina. We have officially begun managing the daily operations and we will rebrand as The Best Dressed Chicken. This gives us a fully, vertically integrated poultry operation in the US. It is a significant milestone and we are happy to welcome our new team members to our family!


Global Orphan Project

October 24, 2016 – The day that a powerful “Hurricane Matthew” hammered Haiti. December 25th, 2016 – The day the children of Haiti affected by this storm, will receive Christmas Gifts. Sandals Foundation Resort partnered with Wincorp International to assure all these children will have smiles on their faces. From Disney princess dolls to assorted sport balls, Avengers and board games. Eleven pallets full will arrive in Haiti in time for Christmas day. It is more blessed to give then it is to receive. God Bless all the children of Haiti. #hope4Haiti #working4Haiti



(From Left to Right): Helen Duhaney Bryce – Vice President Accounts, Trudy Vaz – Sales Supervisor, Dane Boorman – Human Resources Manager, Jennifer Rivera – Senior Egg Sales Coordinator, Ibett Remedios – Executive Assistant, Jessica Montesino – Public Relations Coordinator, Mr. Stephen Levy – President. Wincorp International partnered with City of Miami Dade County to assure that children in need would have book bags for returning Back to School. Each book bag was stuffed with school supplies along with an Inspiration letter written by Mr. Stephen Levy, President of Wincorp International. Together we are making a difference in the lives of these children. This partnership was so successful; Mr. Stephen Levy has generously opted to do this throughout all our US Operations for the next School Year 2017-2018. Staff pictured is Wincorp Executive Staff teaming up to stuff book bags together with all the supplies and written inspiration letters. A total of 100 book bags were donated.



(From Right to Left): Wincorp President – Mr. Stephen Levy, our chairman Mr. Robert Levy, Directors Mr. Ed Barber & Mr. Bruce Bowen, and Wincorp Vice President of Finance, Mr. Danny Lipe receiving a tour of the Hatchery hosted by Dan Welp, GM of Hatchery Operations in Iowa. International Poultry Breeders Hatcheries, Inc. is our most recent investment in the US– Our newest division in Bancroft, Iowa has allowed us to increase our production of both broiler and Novogen layer chicks. The continued growth of our US Divisions, has also allowed us to further expand in the US and Canadian markets.


International Production & Processing Expo - Atlanta, Ga

Wincorp International's Booth at IPPE 2016


International Production & Processing Expo - Atlanta, Ga

On January 27, 2016 during the International & Processing Expo in Atlanta, GA - Wincorp was honored to give back and sponsor "Georgia Special Olympics".

Wincorp Executives with Miss America 2016 and Georgia Special Olympics Medalist, present a check to "Georgia Special Olympics"


L-R: Mr. Stephen Levy-Wincorp Intl. Inc. President, and Mr. Mark Barnes of Novogen

Mr. Stephen Levy, President of Wincorp International enters into a strategic agreement with Novogen SAS and Hubbard LLC - We are delighted to continue our successful business relationship with the Hubbard LLC team through the distribution of NOVOGEN products in the large egg producing states inside the U.S


4th Annual Soaring for Children Gala Event

L-R: Jon Virtue - Regional Caribbean Manager, Jessica Montesino - PR Coordinator, Claudette Campbell-Bryan - Shipping Manager, Shaune Clarke - Senior Accounting Manager, Maria Miranda - Egg Sales Manager & Pedro Powell - Administration Manager)

Wincorp Intl was honored to sponsor 4th Annual Soaring for Children. Wincorp representatives attended their Gala Event at The W Hotel, Fort Lauderdale Beach, FL benefiting abused and neglected children in Broward County. Voices for Children works with children who have an open and active dependency court case and meet each of their essential needs during this transitional period.


L-R: Representatives from Sofina Foundation in Canada are presented with a sponsorship check by Mr. Syd Mogg-Vice President & Mr. Stephen Levy-President of Wincorp Intl. Inc.

Wincorp partners with the Sofina Foundation in Canada to provide children with medical conditions that are terminal one last magical wish to come true. Please keep these children in your prayers.


"Aviagen North America" Announces Winners of 2014 Flock Awards

Aviagen®, the world's leading poultry-breeding company, has honored selected North American customers with the company's second annual Flock Awards. The expertise, real-world experience and teamwork of the Flock Award recipients showcased the exceptional performance of Aviagen's exclusive Ross® 708 and Ross® 308 breeders.

The winning breeders achieved uppermost results in three key performance areas: total eggs per hen housed, percent of total eggs hatched and number of chicks hatched per hen housed. The award results were evaluated based on 2014 performance data. In separate ceremonies led by Aviagen representatives, the winners of this year's Flock Awards were presented with an engraved crystal egg to commemorate their achievements.

Our IPB Division in Arkansas was awarded first place for the exceptional performance of their Aviagen Ross 308 flock. This is no small accomplishment, since the team has only been together for 3 years. We are proud of this award and look forward to continued success with Aviagen.


L-R: Dane Boorman, Jessica Montesino, Kerry Ann Brown, Kassandra Phillips, Erica Herman, Mr. Stephen Levy, Helen Duhaney-Bryce & Mr. Syd Mogg

Wincorp partners with Voices of Children Broward County & the Guardian ad Litem Program to assure that abused & neglected children have the proper hygiene care they need.


Jamaica Broilers chairman makes Hall of Fame via Jamaica Gleaner

From left: Richard Sadler, Special Projects officer-Jamaica Broilers Group; Stephen Levy, President-US Operations-Wincorp Group & Vice President-Jamaica Broilers Group; Dr. Desmond Ali, Executive Director-Caribbean Poultry Association; Robert Levy, Chairman-Jamaica Broilers Group; Syd Mogg, Vice President-US Operations-Wincorp Group, Jamaica Broilers Group. Mr. Levy was recently inducted as the only Jamaican and one of three regional inaugural members in the Caribbean Poultry Association's Hall of Fame. Source: Jamaica Gleaner

Chairman of the Jamaica Broilers Group, Mr. Robert Levy, was inducted over the weekend as the only Jamaican - and one of three regional inaugural members - in the Caribbean Poultry Association's Hall of Fame. He was lauded by the Caribbean Poultry Association (CPA) for his career-long contribution to the advancement of the poultry industry, locally and regionally, and initiating a number of successful programs to assist poultry farmers to be profitable.

At a special awards ceremony hosted on Friday, September 19th, 2014 by the CPA at the Radisson Trinidad Hotel in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, Mr. Levy was described as a 'catalyst of change' within the poultry industry, having introduced a number of Jamaica Broilers Group-led initiatives which have resulted in greater efficiencies and yield for farmers. Among them is the technology-driven tunnel-ventilated house to replace the traditional chicken house, which is now in high demand across the Caribbean.

Mr. Levy's unwavering support for the CPA - from concept to development - was also recognized, where today the governments of the region refer to the association as a fine example of best practices which should be replicated by other commodity groups.